Unique Value
Positioned somewhere between training, and a consulting engagement, the boot camp provides transfer of knowledge, hand-holding and guidance to create satisfied users. Not a cookie-cutter product, the Boot Camp’s USP is customized client-specific program of knowledge transfer (for knowledge and skill building), and on-the-spot consulting (for problem-solving), all in one package. Clients have seen consultants and trainers; the boot camp gives them scouts and drill instructors.

It is a custom engagement delivered within a product framework: It has a fixed duration; it has a fixed cost; it has a set of well defined higher-order deliverables; and, it is easy to understand. It is a product that almost every SAP user would benefit from. Because: what use is all the investment in information technology hardware, software, infrastructure and people, unless the company gets the actionable intelligence it needs for decision making? Only BI can deliver that. Our BI boot camp makes it possible quicker.