A ‘boot camp’ automatically conjures up the military connotation of indoctrinating new recruits into the military. Our boot camp performs some serious functions as well; and, is a custom product specially created to address the problem of underutilization of SAP BI in the SAP user community.

Our boot camp program is led by a scout - a principal consultant who is deeply ingrained in the nuances of business intelligence - who precedes the drill instructors that follow. The scout scopes out the engagement, identifies corporate pain points in the BI space, configures the precise delivery content required by the client, and selects the right drill instructors from our pool of highly experienced BI practitioners. The scout defines specific goals and deliverables for the client, and conducts an orientation for the drill instructors before sending them out into the field.

Like the better known military counterpart, our boot camp is extremely rigorous, and builds skills, confidence, stamina and camaraderie. Our attendees (recruits) learn not just SAP Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence (Webi), and SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius), but also how to apply the right tool to the right problem, what short-cuts exist, and where a deeper issue requires relentless perseverance for the long-haul.